It's a change for time.

"As I unwrapped this Real Time Earth Clock and rested it on my desk where I could watch it I became very aware of not what the time was but of the Earth as a moving planet, I became World aware on a scientific and geographic level and it was no longer about the time and me but of the time for every one else too, it held a fascinating truth of what we are all part of. I have no idea who invented the first clock or sun dial but this one by Michael is the most natural perception of “time ” I can imagine being used.- Alison, Mallorca, Spain

THE REAL TIME EARTH CLOCK-THE CLOCK THAT SHOWS YOU HOW TIME HAPPENS. The ultimate “Feng Shui” device. A completely new way of looking at time, the Real Time Earth Clock offers an easy and accurate way of viewing the occurrence of a day in our world, and therefore showing the relative speed and direction of the flow of life on planet Earth. A beautiful blending of art, science and philosophy, the likes of which are rarely seen.

VIEW TIME LIKE NEVER BEFORE. Unlike the timekeeping devices that most are familiar with, the Real Time Earth Clock shows the relative speed and direction of human Earth time by means of a rotating Earth, north or south pole centric, turning 360 degrees every 24 hours.

ENJOY THE MESMERIZING BEAUTY of watching each second of time ticking off in its true and proper direction, while a stunning satellite image of our planet floats in space, turning once each day as it has for close to four billion years as it revolves around the sun, and upon which our system of time and civilized world is built.

TIME FOR A NEW PERSPECTIVE. As is painfully obvious by the events of the world around us today, there is far too much division between different groups and different cultures all over the planet. We are one world, and the perspective offered by the Real Time Earth Clock is a constant positive reminder of the truth of our common existence, and therefore collective circumstance which we all share as citizens of planet Earth.


We have begun this website as a place where those interested in having the benefits of the visual stimulations created by the existence of a Real Time Earth Clock in their environment can make that desire real. We have tried to create an initial product line that will interest and delight many different design sensibilities. Our selection will be constantly evolving to include variations of the styles which we are offering initially, as well as second generation, year-long Real Time Earth Clocks, which are currently under development.

The Real Time Earth Clocks are created in our studio in East Hampton, New York. Special orders and commissioned clocks are available.

Real Time Earth Clocks are also available through the Gone Local gallery in Amagansett, NY.

If you have any questions or comments about the Real Time Earth Clock, please contact us at

Enjoy your ride in space!

Michael Galileo

Copyright 2004. The Real Time Earth Clock and Time Pieces in all their forms are the intellectual property of their creator. All rights reserved. For information regarding their use for educational or commercial purposes please contact us at the email address above, or by mail at Toto Enterprises P.O. Box 2036 East Hampton, NY 11937

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